Front Line Leadership

MetaSkill Consulting has partnered with local RTOs to develop practical and innovative leadership training offered as a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.  The program builds and promotes the Learning Organisation and teaches and models coaching and mentoring as a management style.  The preferred delivery process includes one on one coaching and mentoring with an emphasis on trainees identifying and delivering continuous improvement projects over the course of the training delivery.  The aim was to have 80% of assessed work completed as practical applications of what is taught in the work place.

Throughout the leadership training program MetaSkill continually refers to a set of tools that have proved to be most effective for practical management.  The indirect effect is that all your team are on the same page, so this is a practical example of building the learning organisation, increasing personal mastery, building teams, implementing a mental model or paradigm and creating an underlying system of management that can be subject to continuous improvement.

Supervisory leadership training can be customised based on the wealth of material developed, targeted to address the specific leadership skills and behaviours that you are attempting to develop.


Basic tools include:

  • Urgent – Important matrix
  • Roles, goals and tasks
  • As a leader, are you on the balcony overseeing the work, or mixing it on the dance floor? Do you know the difference?
  • Win Win agreements and negotiations
  • Active listening
  • Effective communication
  • Team – Task – Individual
  • Coaching and mentoring as a management style. Who owns the monkey?
  • GROW model for coaching
  • Structured On the Job Training model
  • 7 Step decision making
  • Conflict resolution
  • SIPOC and Gemba – basis for Continuous Improvement
  • MASTER Accelerated Learning system


Often clients are not able to release all their supervisory staff for training without disrupting production.  Consequently, we recommend that the group be divided into two training groups.  On the training day, one group will be part of a 2 hour training session, and the members of the second group will receive one on one coaching and mentoring with the trainer – coach.  This reverses on the subsequent week.

Typical matters that will be dealt with include:

  • Difficult team members
  • Delegation
  • Process bottlenecks and down time
  • Personal – professional development

The leadership and modules that were developed include:

  • Promote team effectiveness
  • Develop teams and individuals
  • Establish effective workplace relationships
  • Address customer needs
  • Lead communication in the workplace
  • Lead workplace diversity
  • Show leadership in the workplace
  • Develop work priorities
  • Manage own work performance
  • Provide work skill instruction
  • Mentor in the workplace
  • Implement continuous improvement