MetaSkill Training

Conflict Management Workshop

Managing conflict is a standard requirement in any team or working environment.

This program will always be customised to reflect the particular circumstances of the client environment, but, substantially, the underlying structure does not change – wherever groups work together, there is bound to be disagreement, which potentially escalates, or degenerates, into conflict.

Critical Thinking Workshop

Critical thinking is the foundation of effective decision making.

MetaSkill will customise the training program to ensure that the critical thinking skills presented are precisely targeted to the problems you are wanting to solve and the behaviours that you are intending to approve.

Coaching as a Leadership Skill

The MetaSkill Coaching as a Leadership Skill training program will introduce management and supervisory staff to the theory and practical application of coaching as a management and leadership tool.

This program has been developed to include a core coaching process, based upon the GROW model, and identification and practice opportunity for all the associated competencies to make the coaching work.