After a number of inevitable COVID-19 setbacks and delays, the MetaSkill partnership with TESSA to provide much-needed Conflict Leadership training to the education sector will kick off again this week, with more programs planned for 4th Semester. We had just managed to run one session for principals in March before the COVID restrictions changed the way training is conducted in Victoria and the schools adapted to their Brave New Worlds.

The online version of the training will be conducted with 3 90-minute Zoom sessions spread over 3 weeks. This training and coaching program will build conflict self-awareness by introducing participants to their conflict leadership styles using the proven Style Matters Assessment and then build on those insights by equipping them with the highly effective and easily remembered 4C Conflict Leadership process that I have been developing over the past few years, but which is really the culmination of many years of studying and applying insights from management, leadership, coaching, neurophysiology, Aikido and wisdom literature.

Our promise is that at the end of the training you will be able to locate yourself within the “geography” of a conflict, know where you should be to lead the conflict to a better place, know what skills and competencies you need to make the shift, and have the confidence and know-how to either bring the conflict to a resolution, or calmly accept and deal with the situation if a resolution is not possible.

This version of the program has been specifically developed for the school sector in partnership with TESSA, so if you are a principal, teacher, or school administrator, just follow the link to get find more information, download a brochure, or to make a booking.