MetaSkill Coaching

Executive Coaching 

Executive and leadership coaching will usually be judged in terms of how effectively the coachee has been assisted to grow into a leadership role and to achieve enhanced goal accomplishment as a consequence of the coaching engagement.

The outer effort might be accomplished by strategic and tactical discussion, advice and tools with readily quantifiable outcomes. The inner effort is arguably more important, lasting and fundamental, as the coachee develops the character and habits to lead effectively, and this can be challenging if we are effectively giving birth to a new version of the coachee, a version that has left behind limiting beliefs and habits.

As an executive, manager or leader considering coaching, you might want to ask questions like: 

  • Can you, or your colleagues, identify behaviour patterns which limit your growth, development and success?
  • Do you feel centred and powerful, in control of yourself, relaxed and confident as you move through a typical day?
  • Do you need to focus on the fundamental skills of creating a vision, setting and achieving goals and instigating and managing change?
  • Do you understand how to build a powerful learning organisation, starting with your own personal mastery?
  • Have you achieved a wonderful work life balance?
  • Are you aware of the limiting beliefs and habits that may be holding you back from your full potential?
  • Have you developed the habits of successful action directed towards clearly specified outcomes?
  • Can you talk confidently about your vision, plans and strategies?
  • Would you like to explore the tools and foundational texts that can underpin your success?
  • Would you like to have a deeper appreciation of the interconnections between your spiritual, thinking, emotional and physical being?

As a leadership coach, I work side by side with my clients on both their long-term personal development plans and their day-to day issues. Typical coaching agendas include leadership development, emotional intelligence, personal learning plans, exploration of values and strengths, behavioural change, and change management.

Psychometric assessments can play a key role in the learning process.

As a coach, I am a learning partner and challenger dedicated to your successful leadership journey. Where appropriate, I am able to draw on both theoretical knowledge, foundational texts and my own experience in teaching, training and practical management and leadership experience. 


Life Coaching

Life coaching can be as outcome oriented as executive coaching, but in reality the goals are usually not so clear cut, or there may not be any goals, just a feeling that life at the moment is not where you want it to be, sadness around that insight, and a lack of clarity both on where you want to be and how to discover your direction and the next steps in your journey.

MetaSkill Coaching focusses on insight and skills, the meta skills required for authentic, holistic and effective living and working.

MetaSkill Life Coaching is informed by the approach of Psychosynthesis. Begun in 1911 by Roberto Assagioli who moved on from Freud’s Psychoanalysis when he realised that it failed to take into account the transpersonal and higher functions of human development and aspiration, as evidenced in mystical and artistic and creative aspirations, and the more prosaic urge to live a life of meaning and contribution. The discipline of psychosynthesis has been both the leader and absorber of both the humanist and the transpersonal streams of psychotherapy.

So life coaching might look exactly like executive and leadership coaching, with clear goals and outcomes to be achieved, or it might explore more fundamental philosophical and existential questions, such as Socrates’s “How should a good person live?”  Psychosynthesis provides a map for the journey, which is also informed by philosophy, wisdom literature, culture, literature, humanistic writers, such as Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, archetypal psychology, yoga, and aikido.