About MetaSkill Consulting

MetaSkill Consulting Pty. Ltd. is a registered company in Australia with David Davenport as owner and director.

Services provided include training program development and delivery, leadership, executive and life coaching.

Special areas of interest include conflict management, critical thinking and leadership training.

MetaSkill regularly partners with other specialist providers to develop and deliver leadership training programs. Most recently MetaSkill has developed Front Line Leadership courses by developing an accredited Certificate IV in Leadership and Management. The program was delivered in partnership with the National Food Institute and Training Quality Management Services into companies within the food manufacturing sector, including General Mills, Castlemaine Bacon and Diamond Valley Pork.

MetaSkill was for seven years was based in the Middle East and formed partnerships and client relationships with many of the best-known brands and family companies, particularly in Bahrain. MetaSkill also represented many well-known Australian and international brands in the Middle East and maintains strong contacts within the region.