The Black Lives Matter protests in Australia create a genuine dilemma, the opposing forces of continuing one of the world’s most successful COVID-19 suppression strategies and thereby protecting the most vulnerable members of our community, and the need to take advantage of a never to be repeated historical moment to shine a light on the massive overrepresentation of indigenous Australians in our criminal justice system, the social disparity of which that is just the most obvious symptom, and the deaths in custody and mistreatment that are an inevitable outcome.

With great leadership on either side of the debate, we might have come up with some alternatives, a third way, that recognised and met the legitimate concerns of both sides.

That didn’t happen, so we need to work it out for ourselves. Many Australians have looked for an alternative. Mine was to continue with social distancing for all the obvious reasons, but I have also just donated to the Archie Roach Foundation where I know that money will be used by Archie and Uncle Jack Charles to make a difference. If you don’t have an obvious alternative, consider supporting Archie and Jack. I have worked with both of them and have every confidence that any funds donated will get to those most in need.

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