MetaSkill Consulting

Customised training and coaching to help you achieve your personal, team and organisational goals.


MetaSkill delivers all training and coaching as a specific solution to a clearly-identified, precisely-articulated problem.


All training and coaching is tailored to help you bridge the gap between where you and your team or organisation are now, and where you want to be.

MetaSkill’s ambition is to facilitate significant progress toward Personal Mastery for all individuals involved.


Conflict Management

Conflict is a fact of life. How we manage this conflict determines whether it makes a positive or negative contribution to achieving our goals.

The MetaSkill Conflict Management Process delivers a core 4-step process which is effective, easily learnt and applied, and is an absolutely essential component in the leadership toolbox. 

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking, including a core understanding of logic and rational argument, is the foundation of Western democratic culture and the primary tool for effective decision making.

It is the most important skill required for effective leadership and team performance.


MetaSkill offers both individual coaching utilising a range of modalities appropriate for the client and the current progress of their professional and life journey, and training in coaching as a leadership skill, which is effectively a required competency for the C21st leader.

“Thank you very much for giving me the tools to work out what I wanted to do at a critical point in my career, and the support and encouragement to achieve my goals, despite adverse circumstances.

I think your approach is brilliant in the way that you remodel one’s negative thought processes, bring out one’s strengths and help one to focus through suggestion and discussion rather than spoon-feeding ideas.

The result is my own small publishing company and a first guidebook that’s been very well received, with plans to take the brand in new directions. I also feel much better equipped to take on new career challenges.”

Melissa van Maasdyk


“I would like to thank you on behalf of the team for the valuable input that you have made to our initiative of developing a dynamic learning culture within the Hyder Landscape Architecture team.

The program was stimulating and challenging and left us with a great deal to think about, but also with increased enthusiasm for the task ahead

We greatly appreciate the thought and intelligence that went into the planning of the day which ultimately ensured that the whole team was engaged both from a personal as well as a professional and team perspective.

I also believe that the context of the programs, the creation of a learning environment and the philosophy associated with a learning culture, will ensure that our ongoing efforts have a much greater chance of success.”

Mathew Lang

Function Leader, Landscape Architecture, Hyder Consulting, Northern Gulf


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