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Dear David,

StreetSmart Bahrain would not have happened without you. Thank you very much for giving me the tools to work out what I wanted to do at a critical point in my career, and the support and encouragement to achieve my goals, despite adverse circumstances. I think your approach is brilliant in the way that you remodel one’s negative thought processes, bring out one’s strengths and help one to focus through suggestion and discussion rather than spoon-feeding ideas. I found every single one of the 12 or so sessions we had well-structured and beneficial, taking me forward in leaps and bounds. The result is my own small publishing company and a first guidebook that’s been very well received, with plans to take the brand in new directions. I also feel much better equipped to take on new career challenges.

Melissa van Maasdyk – Author/Director


Dear David,

I just finished reviewing my Facet5 profile in more detail. I am so amazed by the result! In hindsight, it is all matching 100% even the support area which I had some doubt on previously. The most amazing parts are from page 10 to 17: extremely powerful and sooo to the point! As if I am re-discovering myself. It gave so much clarity about myself in my current position: what works and what frustrates me as well as my current working relationship with my boss!

Amazing tool David! Definitely interested in getting trained.

Thanks again.

Delel – HR Professional and Coach, Dubai


Dear David,

I would like to thank you on behalf of the team for the valuable input that you have made to our initiative of developing a dynamic learning culture within the Hyder Landscape architecture Team. In particular, we greatly appreciate the thought and intelligence that went into the planning of the day which ultimately ensured that the whole team was engaged both from a personal as well as a professional and team perspective.

The use of the Facet5 psychometric tests gave each member a real insight into their own strengths and challenges and it is a credit to your facilitation that a safe environment was created in which those insights could be shared. The TeamScape psychometric tool was a fascinating, information rich and visually accessible of team contributions and has given me a very clear understanding of my team and the best way to manage it, not only for our ongoing culture and team building efforts, but for our future strategic recruitment needs.

I also believe that the context of the programs, the creation of a learning environment and the philosophy associated with a learning culture, will ensure that our ongoing efforts have a much greater chance of success. The program was stimulating and challenging and left us with a great deal to think about, but also with increased enthusiasm for the task ahead.

Kind Regards,

Mathew Lang Function Leader, Landscape Architecture, Hyder Consulting, Northern Gulf

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