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Are you creating the life you were meant to live?

Questioning where your life is right now?LookUniverseColour

Building up the courage to make some serious decisions about where your life is and should be going?

Ready for change but not sure what steps to take?

Looking for an effective an empathetic partner?


You’re not alone and coaching is one of the fastest growing professions just because it has proven to be effective. Coaching provides a structure for change, is goal and action oriented, builds accountability into its structure and eliminates procrastination.

MetaSkill Life Coaching

Do you think your life would be more rewarding and fulfilling if you had greater clarity about who you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there? MetaSkill Coaching focusses on insight and skills, the meta skills required for authentic, holistic and effective living and working.

MetaSkill Life Coaching is informed by the approach of Psychosynthesis. Begun in 1911 by Roberto Assagioli who moved on from freud’s Psychoanalysis when he realised that it failed to take into account the transpersonal and higher functions of human development and aspiration, as evidenced in mystical and artistic and creative aspirations, and the more prosaic urge to live a life of meaning and contribution. The discipline of psychosynthesis has been both the leader and absorber of both the humanist and the transpersonal streams of psychotherapy.

So life coaching might look exactly like executive and leadership coaching, with clear goals and outcomes to be achieved, or it might explore more fundamental philosophical and existential questions, such as Socrate’s “How should a good man (or woman) live?” ¬†Psychosynthesis provides a map for the journey, which is also informed by philosophy, wisdom literature, culture, literature, humanistic writers, such as Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, archetypal psychology, yoga, and aikido.

You might also think of beginning a coaching alliance as a call to adventure in your Hero’s Journey.

The Coaching Process

After you have engaged me as your coach, you will be emailed a comprehensive intake form that can form the basis of our early conversations as we work towards a real clarity about where your life is and where you want it to go. Usually a 2 hour session is best to get a good fix on where we want to go, and identify some appropriate tools and perhaps a foundational text.

Early in the coaching relationship we will do the Facet5 psychometric questionnaire which will give us a comprehensive understanding of your underlying strengths and challenges. You can expect conversations to be zero in on whatever it is that is preventing you from realising your dreams, removing barriers to you getting on with the life that you choose. Theories, exercises, foundational texts, inspirational films and literature will all be part of the coaching mix. It will be a learning partnership directed towards your personal growth and effectiveness.

This is the basis from which you enter into a process of life design, identifying goals and the actions required to achieve them, finding the tools required for the journey, eliminating the blocks, and examining life options, and negotiate how you will be accountable.

Coaching and Planning

The great samurai Myamoto Musashi tells us that “Immature strategy is a cause of grief.” So our coaching sessions will be working with a strategy that has been developed with clear goals and outcomes, and steps to achieve those outcomes.
The tools and areas to be explored can include:

  • Clarification of personal philosophy and values
  • Psychometric and other tests to identify your unique personality, strengths and challenges
  • Articulation of personal vision and purpose
  • Personal goal setting and execution
  • Identification of underlying assumptions and beliefs, particularly those that undermine
  • Mind body spirit synergy

Are you ready to work with a coach? To get started, just HERE, and see how MetaSkill Coaching will enable you to reach your potential.

Coaching with MetaSkill

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