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Facet5 is a ‘Big 5’ factor personality model, which allows understanding into how people differ in their behaviour, motivation, attitudes and aspirations.

Five factors are now widely accepted as the fundamental building blocks of personality. These ‘Big 5’ have consistently emerged from research around the world as the irreducible minimum needed to give a comprehensive description of a person’s personality.

Facet5 measures these five factors precisely and quickly to give the most accurate and easily applied portrait of individual differences in behaviour. Facet5 also allows a detailed breakdown of these five factors into 13 sub-factors (facets) to explore subtleties of behaviour at an individual level.

Facet5 was designed in response to requests from many organisations for an instrument which combined modern design, construction and appearance, ease and flexibility of use, reasonable cost and integration with human resource management systems. It is based on recent developments in personality theory and management development and is simple and practical to use. Facet5’s theoretical and psychometric integrity is comparable with, or superior to, other mainstream but now dated personality questionnaires.

Facet5 works at all levels from individual assessment through to selection, recruitment and team integration. Facet5 can even be extended to understand culture and values at a team or corporate level.

Facet5 uses a web-based questionnaire to capture information; people respond to an e-mailed invitation and are taken directly to the Facet5 web site. Most people complete the Facet5 questionnaire in around 17 minutes. Facet5 data is processed instantly and is immediately available for review by authorised users, with reports shown on screen or produced as a fully formatted PDF for printing or e-mailing.

To download a sample Facet5 Report, click Raymond Sample F5

For a detailed description and applications of Facet5 suite of products, click HERE

In addition to the core Facet5 report, Facet5 also comprises a number of modules that can be used in the following application areas:



As part of the Facet5 report, SearchLight asks candidates to describe their experience under defined headings – the core competencies critical for most positions – and then takes Facet5 data and integrates it with these. By conducting a carefully structured interview based on this information (the Facet5 system also includes guidelines for conducting situational and behavioural interviews), selection processes can be more effective and decisions can be based on accurate information.


Audition is Facet5’s way of relating candidates to specific ‘roles’. By defining the core requirements of a role Facet5 can then link candidates to the roles and indicate exactly how closely they ‘fit’. Facet5 goes further and creates a detailed interview guide, showing which areas to probe, what questions to ask and what to look for in the answers. Audition allows you to rank a group of people against a predefined template or to find the role which best suits a particular candidate.



Using Facet5 data, TeamScape gives a powerful visual image of a team’s work style and how they go about resolving differences. With specialised graphics TeamScape clearly shows the effect of bringing a new person into an established team. TeamScape shows how a person sees themself and how they impact others. Using a simple four-stage model of problem solving, TeamScape identifies individual contributions, the synergies and potential conflicts.


Leading Edge

As part of the Facet5 report, Leading Edge takes Facet5 data and integrates it with current leadership theory. Leading Edge provides a plan for managing people and gives detailed guides so that you can modify your approach to them to get the most effective results. With this guide you can make sure management efforts are effective and allow each person to be treated as an individual and valued as such.


Work Preferences

As part of the Facet5 report, Work Preferences integrates core motives derived from Facet5 data and identifies aspects that would be desired in a role. By comparing responses to a database of known preferences, information is provided about specific job elements that are likely to appeal.

Strategic Leadership Review

The Strategic Leadership Review (SLR) is a process that combines Facet5 and SLR data. SLR uses a 360° feedback review which focuses on Transformational and Transactional Leadership skills, providing a detailed review of each person. Facet5 is linked to the SLR via an extensive database of leadership reviews, and using the two processes in parallel allows us to produce a prediction of leadership style, a review of rated performance on the same dimensions and a summary of predicted vs. actual performance with specific development advice.

Accreditation Programme

To maintain its professional credibility and to ensure that it continues to develop in line with practical experience and current theory, Facet5 is available only to accredited people. A full accreditation programme is available on an in-house basis or through our open programmes which are held at regular intervals.

Facet 5 Accreditation Program for Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance

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