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Book of Five Rings

If you really want to accelerate your development as a leader, lead from the front in introducing a coaching management culture in your workplace, and develop a 21st Century Learning Organisation, then MetaSkill can help.

As an executive, manager or leader, do you want to:

  • identify behaviour patterns which limit your growth, development and success?
  • feel centred and powerful, in control of yourself, relaxed and confident as you move through a typical day?
  • focus on the fundamental skills of creating a vision, setting and achieving goals and instigating and managing change?
  • understand how to build a powerful learning organisation, starting with your own personal mastery?
  • achieve a wonderful work life balance?
  • understand the limiting beliefs and habits that may be holding you back from your full potential?
  • develop the habits of successful action directed towards clearly specified outcomes?
  • talk confidentially about your vision, plans and strategies?
  • explore the tools and foundational texts that can underpin your success.
  • have a deeper appreciation of the interconnections between your spiritual, thinking, emotional and physical being?

As a leadership coach, I work side by side with my clients on both their long-term personal development plans and their day-to day issues. Typical coaching agendas include leadership development, emotional intelligence, personal learning plans, exploration of values and strengths, behavioural change, and change management.

Assessments play a key role in the learning process.

As a coach, I am a learning partner and challenger dedicated to your successful leadership journey. Where appropriate, I am able to draw on both theoretical knowledge, foundational texts and my own experience in teaching, training and practical management and leadership experience.

Why not have a discussion to see if MetaSkill can help you find greater balance in your life, realise your potential and complete your most important projects.What do you believe in as a coach?

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