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MetaSkill Coaching

Are you working to your true potential? Do you have the insights and tools to live and work to your maximum effectiveness?

 Welcome to MetaSkill Consulting,the vehicle through which David offers his considerable expertise in training, coaching and consulting. If you feel as if you have significant unfulfilled potential, projects that are just out of your reach, a life that is out of balance, a recognition of the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be in any aspect of your life, then please consider a coaching partnership to take the next significant steps in your Hero’s Journey.

We work in 3 broad areas:

  1. Coaching – David is a Results Coaching System trained executive coach and can provide one on one or team and organisational coaching, as well as training your team in coaching skills. A strong advocate for coaching as a management style, David brings a practically oriented approach grounded in the insights and theories of the fundamental management theorists that have created the modern management and leadership disciplines. For results oriented organisational and executive coaching, the practice is grounded in the modern coaching discipline and the insights of neurophysiology.  For individual life balance, meaning and purpose, the underlying theoretical basis is psychosynthesis.
  2. Training – MetaSkill has developed accredited Front Line Leadership programs which have been offered through locally based RTOs ((Registered Training Organisations) in Melbourne and Victoria. Previously David and his associates have provided specialised and soft skills training to many of the best known organisations in the Middle East and can facilitate one of or ongoing training over a wide range of leadership and management skills, in particular, those relating to coaching and effective leadership.
  3. ConsultingFacet5 psychometric profile programs are available for individuals and teams. After 6 years in Bahrain and the Middle East, David and his associates can provide management and business consulting for both established businesses and those wishing to engage in the region. Areas of interest include education and training, food security, international investment, public relations and media and printing, to name a few where close partners are available.


About David

David originally trained as an academic philosopher before making the switch into business and training. He has been a lecturer at the University of Melbourne and Deakin University and was responsible for setting up the KooRight Program, bringing university level programs to Aborigines in prison, the most successful program of its kind in Australia. In Bahrain David was previously the joint Project Director for the National Employment Project, and established a government accredited training institute in Bahrain before returning to Australia in 2012. He is a well known and trusted advisor, coach and consultant and has partnered with the companies and individuals who can ensure a professional approach and successful outcome to your business or self development requirements.

Clients in executive, leadership and managerial positions working with David as a coach or mentor can confidently expect:

  1. Depth of business and academic experience in Australia and the Middle East. David has a very good professional and practical experience of business and training and applies models and templates based upon Learning Organisations and effective habits to create a common currency of coaching conversations which result in you identifying your next step to achieving your goals.
  2. An excellent understanding of the applications and benefits of modern psychometrics. MetaSkill Consulting was the Middle East distributor of Facet5, guaranteed to give you and your team a fundamental understanding of your current strengths and challenges,  as well as knowledge and skill gaps over a wide range of professional and life competencies.  If you want genuine insight into your self and your team, Facet5 delivers and allows you to systematically identify your strengths and those more challenging areas of your personality and work competencies and skills.

Clients with a greater interest in Life Work balance, life direction and the fundamental Socratic question of how to live a good life can confidently expect:

  1. Life coaching informed by the principles of Psychosynthesis, as developed by Roberto Assagioli, the collaborator of Freud and Jung, who insisted on including the greatest potentials of being human and the riches of Western and Eastern cultural achievements as part of the template and model for our development. Assagioli was a founding father of both the humanist and transpersonal streams of psychology and has mapped the journey from the depths on existential despair to the heights of transpersonal understanding, and all those places in between that we inhabit as part of our daily experience.
  2. As a guide for the life journey, David has studied wisdom traditions for over 40 years and involved himself in human potentials training, auditing and contributing to programs in Transpersonal Counselling and Shamanic Studies through the Phoenix Institute in Melbourne. A strong advocate of the Hero’s Journey as way for individual’s to access and create their own inner myth, wherever David coaches or counsels, he is conscious of the need to understand clearly where we are, where we are going, and what is the next step.
  3. As a trained philosopher and logician, David brings great rigour to thinking and coaching interactions, cutting through the waffle and obscurities that often cloud our vision and undermine the clarity and articulation required for successful professional outcomes.
  4. Thirty years experience in training and teaching martial arts. David has black belts in both Tai Kwon Do and Aikido and has been teaching both arts for many years. David is also qualified to teach Knoff Yoga to Foundation Level.

Whatever direction your coaching journey takes, it is very likely that David will have the tools, depth and resonance to be your trusted guide.

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