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MetaSkill Coaching

Are you working to your true potential? Do you have the insights and tools to live and work to your maximum effectiveness?

Welcome to MetaSkill Consulting,the vehicle through which David offers his considerable expertise in training, coaching and consulting. If you feel as if you have significant unfulfilled potential, projects that are just out of your reach, a life that is out of balance, a recognition of the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be in any aspect of your life, then please consider a coaching partnership to take the next significant steps in your Hero’s Journey.


David is a Results Coaching System trained executive coach and can provide one on one or team and organisational coaching, as well as training your team in coaching skills.

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MetaSkill has developed accredited Front Line Leadership programs which have been offered through locally based RTOs ((Registered Training Organisations) in Melbourne and Victoria.

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Facet5 psychometric profile programs are available for individuals and teams. After 6 years in Bahrain and the Middle East, David and his associates can provide management and business consulting for both

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Recent Projects

We are creative people making incredible things.

Dear David, I would like to thank you on behalf of the team for the valuable input that you have made to our initiative of developing a dynamic learning culture within the Hyder Landscape architecture Team. In particular, we greatly appreciate the thought and intelligence that went into the planning…Read More

Dear David, StreetSmart Bahrain would not have happened without you. Thank you very much for giving me the tools to work out what I wanted to do at a critical point in my career, and the support and encouragement to achieve my goals, despite adverse circumstances. I think your approach…Read More

Dear David, I just finished reviewing my Facet5 profile in more detail. I am so amazed by the result! In hindsight, it is all matching 100% even the support area which I had some doubt on previously. The most amazing parts are from page 10 to 17: extremely powerful and…Read More

Recent News

The latest news and events from the nou·veau team.

Just A Day, An Ordinary Day

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Take A Hike (To A Secret Waterfall)

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Baby Tiger, But Where Is The Lion & Bear?

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